Small outside. Big inside.


At 19.7cm squared, this little system is deceptively powerful.  It easily handles everyday tasks with its full-fat desktop class processor.

Ideal for those needing a non-intrusive office system, home theatre, or general computer.




A desktop class processor chosen for its power and efficiency.

Due to the tiny frame of the Miniature we specifically wanted a processor which could easily handle everyday computing tasks, all the while remaining cool and energy efficient.  Step in the 6th Generation Skylake architecture from Intel.

Thanks to Skylake's low power consumption - just 51 watts - we can squeeze desktop class power into a tiny form-factor. Being able to fit up to a quad-core processor that runs up to 4.0GHz means our Miniature systems run rings around competing laptop-derived small form factor computers.

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Ready to handle that 55" 4K display you had in mind.

Our aim with the Miniature was to provide a system which was discrete, but could handle the daily tasks of being in an office or power a home theatre setup.

For office work we really enjoy using multiple screens and the system needs to be rock solid reliable.  Home theatre meant 4K Ultra HD support.  With the right board and chip, we hit those marks and more.  The integrated Intel HD graphics provide enough power for video and photo editing, 4K output, and up to 3 screens.

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We build our PCs on rock, not sand.

With ultra reliability, build quality and aesthetics all factored in, we selected the H170N-WiFi Ultra Durable board from Gigabyte.  It has an all-solid capacitor design, gold plated CPU socket, anti-surge protection and a patented DualBios feature.  In short, it ticked all the boxes.

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Sequential read comparison.

A computer which thinks as fast as you do.

Our Miniature systems can be upgraded to use solid state or M.2 as their primary drives. This makes a big difference. With no moving parts and crazy read speeds data can be accessed almost instantly, reducing loading and booting times significantly.

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Appreciate good sound? So do we.

Another reason why the H170N motherboard is awesome.  It uses professional grade, dedicated audio capacitors and has a dedicated audio hardware zone.  This protects the boards sensitive analogue components from electromagnetic interference, resulting in better sound resolution and clarity.  Outputs include 7.1 and Optical. 



Dual Band Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, 7.1 Surround Sound and Optical Out.

Want to transfer that massive file over your network?  We've got 5G Wifi or Gigabit LAN.  Transfer that photo from your phone? Bluetooth.  Got an uber surround sound system? 7.1 and Optical Out.  Want to mirror your PC screen to the TV?  We've got you covered with that second HDMI port. And for the keyboard enthusiasts among you, there is even an old school PS/2 port.  It's all good.




Reduce size, but not quality.

Not only can you hold the Miniature in one hand, the body is made out of a beautiful one piece extruded aluminium which exudes quality.  A soft touch power button adorns the front alongside an infra-red receiver window for the optional remote control.



Powerful doesn't mean it needs a lot of power.

You'll be pleased to know that we went to great lengths to ensure the Miniature is an energy efficient little box. The power supply for the Miniature is rated to only 120W in comparison to 350 plus Watts used for most desktop PCs.  The solid state drive is up to 89% more energy efficient than a typical hard drive and the processor adjusts its power draw on the fly to ensure it only uses what is needed.




Your custom PC deserves a custom look.

Choose from a wide range of colours and finishes to give your PC a unique look.  We use high quality polymeric PVC film to ensure a lasting and spectacular finish.  Our specialised facilities ensure a flawless finish for your PC.  If you have something in mind outside of our standard colour options, please get in touch as we'll be happy to discuss your dream build.

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Gigabyte H170N-WiFi

Intel® H170 Express Chipset LGA1151 Socket


Intel® HD Graphics 530

1 x DVI-D port
Maximum resolution of 1920x1200@60Hz

2 x HDMI ports
Maximum resolution of 4096x2160@24Hz or 2560x1600@60Hz

Support for up to 3 displays at the same time.
* To set up a triple-display configuration, you must connect a D-Sub monitor using a DVI-to-D-Sub adapter.



Realtek® ALC1150 codec
High Definition Audio
Support for S/PDIF Out


2 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Wireless a/b/g/n/ac, supporting 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band
Bluetooth 4.0, 3.0+HS, 2.1+EDR


197 × 197 × 77mm (W x D x H)

Weight 2.2KG Estimated

Lifetime Labour
2 Years Hardware

Upgradable to 5 Years Parts

In the Box

N3XUS Miniature
Streacom Nano 120w HTPC Power Supply
Owner Manuals and Software Discs

Upgrade Options

Custom colour or design.

Memory:  4GB, 8GB, 16GB

Hard Drives:  500GB, 1TB

Solid State Drives:  128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Optical Drive:  DVD, Blu-Ray

Remote Control:  IR Receiver

Software:  Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 10, Microsoft Office

Accessories A range of mice, keyboards, remote controls, monitors and external storage are available.



Our mission is to enable you to get the very most from your technology.

We believe in technology.  By empowering you with great hardware and great support we truly believe great things can happen.  Whatever it is you end up doing with your PC, the power provided to the individual by owning such a device is immense.  With this in mind we offer the best support we can to help you achieve your goals.

All of our PCs come with:

  • Free Lifetime Labour Cover
  • Free Lifetime Shipping Cover
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • Free 2 Year Return to Base Parts Replacement
  • Free Delivery to UK Mainland
  • Free Owners Welcome Pack
  • Dedicated Customer Portal
  • Direct Engineer Support

In order for you to be able to keep track of what is going on with your build, we have our Customer Portal.  Here you can see exactly what stage we are at and have direct contact with the engineer working on your PC.  Want to make some last minute changes, just let us know.

With all the time, effort and money spent on building your system, we want to make sure it arrives to you on time and in pristine condition.  Ready to go.  To ensure proper protection during transportation we use Instapak Foam-In-Place where needed to cushion and support the internals of the system.  The system is then boxed in its normal packaging which is then placed inside our own custom protective packaging to safeguard against knocks during transport.