Your questions answered.

-Who are we?

N3XUS Computing has been around since 2007. We started out offering local computer repairs and services in Sudbury, Suffolk. During that time we have built and repaired thousands of computers, from basic home desktops to gaming beasts. Over the years we have learned a lot and our passion for great technology has grown and we are now ready to bring our passion for computing to a larger audience.

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+What makes us different?

When it comes to building computers, there is the option to use lesser components. Unfortunately, this happens all the time. The result is a spec that looks good on paper, but, when you start drilling into the details (If those details are even made available) on who made those components and the tolerances they work with, things don't look so good. The result is unstable performance and something that just doesn't last.

We have spent thousands of hours over the years, honing our ability to pick good parts from recognised and renowned manufacturers. We only use parts which we would be happy using in our own computers. It's this knowledge combined with a passion and appreciation of great technology which we pass to you in the form of an expertly built and beautiful computer.

+What warranty comes with my PC?

We offer the same Limited Lifetime Warranty with all of our computers. This covers the parts in our computers for two years. We also include our Lifetime Labour cover, which means that you will never pay any labour costs on repairs no matter the age of your system. On top of these benefits we also include free Lifetime two-way shipping, which covers the cost of collection of your system and us returning it to you if you have a hardware fault.

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+How long does my order take to arrive?
We work on an up to 14 day lead time for computers. This means from your order being placed to you receiving your computer can be up to 14 days. Your computer can and probably will arrive quicker depending on stock availability. We use DPD to deliver our systems so when dispatched your computer will arrive the next working day before 12am.
+What if I want to change a part after ordering?
If you notify us via telephone or email (We recommend calling) of any changes before the computer is dispatched to you we will endeavor to accommodate any changes.
+What brands do you use?
Unlike most system integrators we are transparent about the brands we use in our computers. If the manufacturer isn't listed on the website for a part we encourage you to get in contact and we will happily list the manufacturers being used in your computer. If you would like a specific part or brand in your system, contact us and we will endeavour to accommodate any changes.
+What payments do you accept?
We currently accept Debit, Credit and Paypal.
+Can I upgrade my N3XUS computer myself?
Yes. We are all huge gamers and makers here, we encourage our customers to take a look inside their systems. We have no warranty void stickers on our builds so feel free to upgrade or change your system as you see fit. Obviously we cannot cover any parts not brought from us under our Limited Lifetime Warranty.
+Do you offer finance?
We currently do not offer finance options but are exploring this as an option.
+What comes in the box with my N3XUS system?
Depending on your computers configuration, your box will include; The computer, a USB flash drive with Windows installer, a USB drive with system drivers and utilities, certificate of authenticity, quality control check list, power cable, display cables (if any). And of course the N3XUS stickers!