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We can upgrade your existing computer.

By upgrading your existing PC we could provide it with a second lease of life and save you money by not having to buy a new one.

Common services include:

  • Memory Fitting

  • Processor Upgrades

  • Graphics Card Upgrades

  • Second Hard Drive

  • Higher Wattage Power Supplies

  • Case Transfers



Best yet
Five Stars

"Nothing is too much trouble to these guys , always very helpful and so knowledgeable in every aspect . I am an illiterate grandmother in computing but the lads sort me out in no time . Thanks a million N3XUS ."

Moira Simpson - October 2015

To the Nexus Computing Team
Five Stars

"Your service was fast, very informative and well-priced, add to that the Teams approach to all coming through your doors was excellent. In short great service from a great team. Thanks for all the work you have done to get our three devices correctly working again. We will be back! but not too soon! Thanks"

Melvyn Morrow - October 2015



To book an item in simply click ‘Book in a Computer’ at the bottom of the screen.

The most common upgrade performed is a simple memory upgrade.  Additional memory is by far the best performance bang for your buck too.  There are quite a few different memory types and sizes available, so costs do vary.  Best thing is to either contact us with the model number of your system or drop it into us so we can see what's possible.


What happens...

This is what happens when you book your item in with us. We communicate every stage and you will always be in control of any work we complete.

Step 1: Assess
We will run a full series of hardware and software diagnostics to determine the nature of the fault. Once we have found the problem we contact you and explain our findings in plain English.

Step 2: Recommend
It is at this point there maybe additional charges to fix the problem. Only once we have your confirmation we will continue work. You are in charge throughout the process.

Step 3: Install
To ensure the problem is fixed we re-test the system to ensure all faults have been resolved. We will also explain any measures you can take to prevent the problem re-occuring.

Step 4: Test
While your system is with us we will assess it for any improvements which could be made. If you decide to go ahead with any we can complete these upgrades while the system is in store.