Get to know us.

The Mission

To ensure people get the very most from their technology.

We believe in technology. By empowering you with great hardware and great support we truly believe great things can happen. Whatever it is you end up doing with your PC, the power provided to the individual by owning such a device is immense. With this in mind we offer the best support we can to help you achieve your goals.



It's more about you...

Want an awesome, truly personal computer? We can provide you with a computer of your own design, tailor made, right here in the UK.  Our customisation options and features allow you to colour coordinate your entire system and develop your own particular theme.  We are always looking for new ways of adding new options so you can make your design even more detailed.

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Draw on our experience.

N3XUS Computing has been around since 2007.  We started out as a simple computer repair shop in Sudbury, Suffolk.  During that time we have built and repaired thousands of systems, from basic home computers to high end gaming beasts.  Over the years we learned a lot and our passion for great technology has grown.  One of our primary principles is that not all hardware is created equal.  To us the car analogy, there are Ford's and there are Bentley's.  Both get you from A to B, but the experience for each is very different.  We believe this applies to computers too, which is why we only use the best manufacturers available.

When building computers, there is the option to get in lesser components, but still be able to maintain the big specification numbers.  Unfortunately, this happens all the time.  The result is a spec that looks good on paper, but when you start drilling into the details on who made those components and the tolerances they work with, things don't look so good.  The result is unstable performance and something that just doesn't last.

We have spent thousands of hours over the years, honing our ability to pick good parts from recognised and renowned manufactures.  We only use parts which we would be happy using in our own personal computers.  It's this knowledge combined with a passion and appreciation of great technology which we pass to you in the form of an expertly built and beautiful computer.



The Team

Joshua Grant

Joshua Grant


I run the administrative side of things.  I keep all our accounts up to date and make sure all the bills are paid.  I also manage all of our business systems to make sure things run super smooth.  I have a degree in Computer Science and Business but mostly love building and designing new products.

Taylor Callow

Taylor Callow

Head Engineer

I build and repair most of the systems which come through N3XUS.  I also do quite a bit of chatting over our social media channels and take all the photos featured.  I have a degree in Graphic Design but mostly just love tech, the building process, and just how cool systems are nowadays.



Feeling the Love